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Kirsten Gower 

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Throughout Kirsten's life she has always valued movement. Using movement as a way to connect with others, reach physical goals and maintain mental clarity. Kirsten's active lifestyle and passion for learning about the body led her to pursue a career in physical therapy. During her schooling Kirsten observed the specialty of pelvic health and witnessed how it improved one's quality of life dramatically. She wanted this specialty to be part of her practice as well. Clients with incontinence, prolapse, constipation, pelvic pain, pre/postpartum challenges, increased urinary frequency, or those returning to sports will greatly benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy. 


In addition to specializing in pelvic floor physical therapy, I have extensive experience in treating a variety of orthopedic impairments. During my treatments I utilize a combination of various manual therapy strategies, postural alignment, functional movement testing and therapeutic exercise to reach your goals. I value communication with each patient so that we may work together to ensure optimal results. 



Growing up Kirsten lived in sunny San Diego, spending her time playing competitive soccer, field hockey and track. She attended California State University Long Beach, where she received my Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology Exercise Science. Kirsten felt a strong pull to the beautiful Northwest where she was able to attend Pacific University for her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. 


She later married her wonderful high school sweetheart, and are now the parents of two busy boys. The two spend most of their time outdoors hiking, camping, fishing or snowboarding. Kirsten enjoys training for marathons and love to complement my running schedule with yoga, barre, strength training and cycling.

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