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Our Services and Specialties 


Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is rehabilitative health that uses specially designed exercises and equipment to treat musculoskeletal dysfunction.  We work with bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc. and how they all work together when the body is in motion.  Physical therapy is a preferred treatment for patients recovering from an injury, surgery, disease, or neurological condition where musculoskeletal function is impaired.  Goals of physical therapy often include reduced pain and improved or increased movement, flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, and balance.

Licensed health care professionals are trained in identifying and correcting movement dysfunction and developing treatment plans to rehabilitate joints and movement after injury, illness, or surgery.   At Walton PT, we use a variety of techniques to meet your mobility goals, including exercise, stretching, strength training, heat and cold therapy, cold laser, electrical stimulation, and joint mobilization.

Successful Physical Therapy

Requires a commitment by the patient.  Your physical therapist will help you establish your goals, and will develop a treatment plan to meet them.  Part of this plan will be the physical therapist performing treatment, and part of the plan will be you performing treatment.  You will likely be doing a combination of warm-up exercises, stretching, balance, and resistance training. Your physical therapist will help you understand how to do your portion of the treatment correctly, but actually doing the work will be up to you. Since we are located within the Bay Club Portland health club, part of your therapy may take place on the gym floor or in the pool.  Your therapist will be your partner throughout your treatment, and with hard work on both of your parts, you’ll meet your goals.

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

ACL Prevention Clinics

We conduct ACL Injury Prevention Clinics for local sports teams.  This program provides individual testing and evaluations to determine physical limitations.  We then provide personalized team warm-ups and training programs to address the factors limiting athletic performance and predisposing athletes to injury. We have worked with Soccer, Basketball and Lacrosse teams at the high school and youth levels.  We would love to work with your team.  Contact us today to schedule your team training.  

Football Players

"When can I get back..."

The number one question we receive from the athletes we treat. By nature, athletes are competitive, disciplined, and active people. It’s always “back” to something: back to running; back on the field; back on the court. Back to what they love. At Walton Physical Therapy we understand this mindset. Our goal is to get you back to the sport you love quickly, safely, and with the knowledge you need to help prevent future injuries.

Golfer hitting golf

Repetitive Motion and Overtraining Injuries 

This is common in athletes since athletes tend to highly train specific muscles relevant to their sport and neglect others. This can cause a musculoskeletal imbalance and can lead to injuries. The sports medicine experts at Walton Physical Therapy can help recognize this imbalance and design training programs to help athletes build peak performance safely and prevent injuries.

Post Surgery

We work closely with doctors and our patients to achieve a full recovery after surgery.  Remember that surgeon’s specialty is to diagnose and repair an injury, while our job is to help you regain strength, function, and mobility. Post surgery, physical therapy will help minimize scar tissue, retrain your muscles, and safely restore mobility and strength.

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