I attended Western Washington University gaining my BS in Kinesiology, balancing studying hard and playing hard.  My heart has always been happiest when exploring between mountains and the ocean, my enormous golden doodle, and now little girl and husband, by my side.


My Doctorate was completed at George Fox University where my love for motor control and biomechanics was ignited.  George Fox allowed for a space where research was devoured and explored fearlessly finding manners in which to apply concepts to treatment.  My thesis was through exploring how external tactile input could alter someone’s center of pressure trajectory measured via our force plates and motion system analysis.  The details of this study lead to further research into applicability in the geriatric population -- what I gleaned was how fear often altered individuals movement pathways -- not only of the geriatric population but of athletes alike. 


Since graduation I have been honored by the opportunity to work with individuals and athletes alike across the lifespan, treating pediatrics and geriatrics with the same strength principles altering frequency, intensity, time, type, and progression of exercises. The fundamentals are essential.  I love lifting heavy objects and putting them back down. The combined passions have lead me to acquire my Clinical Weightlifting certification which has allowed me to gain new insight into training and cueing athletes. 



I am passionate about providing an environment where the desired movement output self emerges to perform the desired task.  My hands on therapy provides an environment where trust is formed and a novel input is provided to the nervous system to improve joint mobility temporarily and allow for a more optimal window for task completion.  More time is spent off the treatment table and out completing difficult but doable tasks to provide sustainable change.  

I refer to current pain science research consistently to inform both my dialogue and choice of treatment.  I believe that the empowerment of patients is vital to healing and words hold incredible weight. 

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