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Allie McGaw


Allie played soccer at UC Santa Barbara and was exposed to physical therapy and sports medicine throughout her playing career.  During her time there she watched her teammates recover from various injuries and she herself recovered from an ACL tear and surgical repair.  Allie was intrigued by the processes she and her teammates went through to return to a high level of competition.  These experiences drove Allie to become a physical therapist.    


Allie’s number one goal for her patients is to get better - to recover what has been lost due to injury.  Allie loves the process of physical therapy and sports medicine; the journey of meeting a patient after an initial injury and helping them progress all the way back to returning to their sport or activity.  She relishes the challenge of fine-tuning an individualized plan for the unique needs of each patient and or athlete.      


Allie's patients are what motivate her.  She enjoys watching them push themselves at each therapy session.  She celebrates with them each incremental increase in range-of-motion, every additional pound lifted, and each extra rep in a set.  The confidence her patients gain as they push the boundaries of their comfort zones reinforces her own belief in the benefits of health and fitness.  One of the most rewarding aspects of Allie’s job is being able to watch her patients play, compete, and perform again.


Allie earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from Chapman University and attended UC Santa Barbara for undergraduate school.  Allie enjoys working with a variety of orthopedic and neurological conditions with an emphasis on sports rehabilitation. She runs the Walton ACL and injury screening and prevention program for local schools and sports teams. Away from the clinic she is a soccer coach for the Special Olympics and still enjoys playing soccer as well as cycling, hiking, backpacking and kayaking.

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