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Why Choose

The short answer is because we are a different, better kind of physical therapy clinic. We pride ourselves on our outstanding and consistent customer service. From the time you walk through our doors until your therapy is complete you are our priority.  We are a team of thoughtful and passionate professionals who love what we do and are dedicated to providing the best care for our patients. This passion and dedication result in a better experience for our patients, and better outcomes. Keep reading to learn more of what differentiates us from other providers of physical therapy.

Licensed Physical Therapists

Our staff are all licensed Physical Therapists.  Our physical therapist's are some of the most highly qualified around. We are a physical therapist owned and run business. It shapes how we set our priorities, how we deliver patient care, and how we run our business. 

Consistent Physical Therapists

When you begin your treatment at Walton Physical Therapy, you will be evaluated by a  physical therapist with training and experience specific to your situation.  All ongoing sessions will be scheduled with that same physical therapist unless your schedule requires we make a substitution.  We want to build a relationship with you as you build strength and mobility and celebrate with you as you make incremental progress towards your recovery.

Access to Bay Club Portland

Our clinic is located within the Bay Club Portland health club, and all of our patients have full access to their 18,000 square feet of state of the art fitness equipment and the swimming pool. We want you to not only recover, but to have the tools you need to stay strong and prevent a recurrence. Often this includes recommended gym exercises long after we’ve stopped treating you.  And if you happen to be a member of Bay Club, make sure to stop by from time to time and let us know how your are doing.


No Rush Appointments

Physical therapy requires work on the part of the patient. Usually this is in the form of simple movements that progress into strength building exercises and stretching as treatment continues.  You will always have one-on-one time with your physical therapist as part of each appointment, but as you improve, you’ll spend more time completing the exercises. Rather than have a physical therapist watch you do every exercise and try to squeeze everything into a half hour appointment, the physical therapist may ask you to perform certain exercises on your own.  This gives you plenty of time to complete your treatment routine at the time of the appointment. 

Insurance Verification 

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible customer service and this begins with your initial phone call to our clinic.  As a service to you we contact your insurance provider and communicate your benefit coverage to you.  We also offer various cash pay options.  

Friendly Collaborative Environment

Although you will most likely be with the same physical therapist for the duration of your treatment, you’ll find that you’ll get to know the rest of the staff at the clinic as well.  We work collaboratively and each of us is happy to jump in on a consult, or help a patient with an exercise. You’ll also find we can chat endlessly about sports, exercise, the latest iphone apps, wine, travel, movies… the list goes on and on.

Community Focused

We are a independently owned clinic and most of our staff live and raise families in the same community you do.  We’ve probably run in the same races you have, and watched our kids play with or against each other from the same sidelines. Most of our new business comes from referrals from existing patients and local area doctors.  We are proud to be a clinic that has built solid relationships in our community and our community has certainly been good to us over the 20 years we have been in business.

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